Awaken is a gift to the spiritual awakening through direct and immediate contact with awakeners. A very special contribution to our conscious evolution.

- Barbara Marx Hubbard

"Awaken is a spiritual experience that ignites that place deep within that has been yearning to be touched."

-Patricia, CA

"An enlightened message (this is “The” message) delivered by “awake” beings, as if they are speaking directly and personally to you...with expansive visuals and glorious music that captures the sheer joy of being...we truly ARE all we seek."

-Barbara Morrow, Santa Fe, NM

"Awaken is a beautiful, heartfelt “wake-up call” for humanity. It provides sustaining words of hope amidst the current chaos and catastrophe. It illustrates in a very illuminating and powerful way that we can all let go of our walls and limitations NOW, and join a global family consisting of empathetic human consciousness. The film blends stunning imagery with poignant documentary-style discussion, for a result that is both meditative and life changing. The message of the film is that we have what we need, right now, where we are. We don’t need to spend time, money, or resources to arrive at a better place. We only need to wake up to this new era. I anticipate that Awaken will become much more than just a film, but also a movement towards a more loving and sustainable Earth."

-Jocelyn Godfrey, President, Spiritus Communications, Inc.

"The air in the room crackled with energy and intimacy during the movie. The passion of the teachers was felt when they consistently reached out by making direct eye contact. It was as if each one was speaking to me personally and I felt known by the end of the film."

-Karyn, NY

"This was a visually stunning movie, inspirational and a call to "wake up" to our higher self. The Awaken film, takes the approaching year 2012 from the perspective of personal and human/spiritual transformation. Through the words of visionary speakers and the breathtaking views of earth's nature, themes or invitations to openness emerge. These recurrent themes were of connection (our bio-energetic connection to everything and everyone), creativity, compassion, love, oneness and responsibility. With the expected cosmic shift, we are invited to transform ourselves."

-Nancy Restrepo-Wilson, NJ

"While watching the film “Awaken”, I could feel a powerful, magical energy filling the room – It was obvious that I was not the only one feeling energized and electrified listening to the Awaken teachers. The film has given me the next steps to take on my spiritual journey. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is on a spiritual path looking for guidance or anyone looking for greater spiritual awareness."

-Jennifer Gilmore, NY

"I was lucky to attend the Premiere of AWAKEN in New York City on January 29th, 2010. I learned that there are wonderful currents of love and compassion flowing thru all of us, keeping us together as one, affecting each of us, even when we are not always aware of it. Now, as the film’s title aptly states, I feel AWAKEN! On our ride home, we started thinking about the impact this film would have on large audiences, regardless of religion or creed, because it is a message that should be spread out... thrown out to the wind in all directions so that it can touch everyone, everywhere. Bravo!!!"

-Maritza Gonzalez, PR

"After experiencing the film “Awaken” I felt full of energy and light. Each of the teachers offered their own personal gifts to me, which together continue resonating within my soul. My daily intention to create a new expression and dream through the art of love has been energized by their words and insights."

-Ken DeFilippo, NY

"Awaken is a masterpiece. I was thoroughly impressed by the wisdom of the diverse teachers of Awaken who illustrated that despite their different backgrounds, the essence of their teachings are all similar. Their message gave me hope that we actually are all one and want the same thing- to awaken. The passion and conviction of the teachers helped rekindle my enthusiasm for my inner life. I emerged inspired and eager to put my newly found knowledge into practice."

-Werner Disse, CA

"As I watched “Awaken” I found that I was moved to a new plane. I realized that I was part of a greater experience and as each person shared their wisdom, an energetic bond was created with all those in the room and I had a feeling that this was just the beginning..."

-Luca, CT

"The film filled the room with a higher level of consciousness, and sent peace through my physical body, knowing the message of who we truly are is getting out there to the masses. "

-Elizabeth Olsen, NY

"Sit back, relax, and experience Awaken’s words and images-- they will inspire a deeper opening into the Present, Authentic You."

-SW, Washington, NJ

"After watching Awaken, I felt a deep comfort and faith in the future. Knowing more and more people are becoming conscious at an accelerated rate helps me to let go and believe in a beautiful new beginning for all."

-Maggie, NJ

"Congratulations on the Premiere of your beautiful movie that will assist us in the shift! Thank you for making such an incredible film! I can’t stop thinking about it and it has moved me further and deeper on my path. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to hear how it ripples out into the world...This is a film everyone must see! Enlightening, refreshing and inspiring... The future is not lost but very much alive and hopeful!"

-Cari Cole, Cari Cole Voice and Music Co, NY

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